Midterm Essay – The Impossible Dream

Hi, people :) I’m back after the looong break I took! (Also known as the midterm weeks..)

I’ve come back with my midterm essay, and I guess it’s safe to say that mine was perfect! That does happen sometimes for me…. Just not always. :(

So…. Here goes nothing!! The topic was to choose a piece of literature from our book.

The story that I will cover is ‘Man of La Mancha’ from unit 10, a musical version of the novel ‘Don Quixote’. I have always been a fan of the theater, musicals particularly, so the most inspiring style of expression will be the visual humor expressed in the musical. By using gestures and facial expressions, the ironic humor is delivered effectively, giving a better understanding to the audience. Also, my favorite key literary element in the piece was dramatic ironic. ‘Don Quixote’ is all about irony, and by kicking it up a notch when the genre was converted, it is much more pronounced in the theater version of the story.

It is basically a very moving play, although only the exposition part was copied into the book. To add a brief summary before we go on. Don Quixote, after his big revelation of becoming knight, realizes that he has to be properly knighted by a Lord from a castle. Travelling on with Sancho, he discovers an inn that he believes is the castle. They enter, and meet a prostitute named Aldonza, whose hatred for the world is very prominent. Don Quixote is instantly smitten with her, and much to her dismay, calls her ‘Dulcinea’, the name of his fairytale princess/ She is confused and annoyed by his advances, which does not seem like anything that she had ever encountered with other men. Slowly, she opens up to the notion of his dreams and learns to accept them when disaster strikes. She is raped and beaten up by the regulars of the inn whom she had turned down, and goes on to berate Don Quixote’s attitude in life. Shaken Don Quixote is awoken from his fantasy by his niece’s fiancee, and falls ill. When Aldonza comes to him, he doesn’t recognize her but when she sings a song that he had once sung to serenade her, his memory of the fantasy comes back and he rises from the sickbed, only to fall back dead. Cervantes’ story deeply touches his fellow jailmates, and his manuscript is left unharmed.

I have watched the musical once with my sister, and it was all very emotional to me. The key point in this play expressed by a song that Don Quixote sings. Titled ‘The Impossible Dream’, the song expresses that one should never give up on their dreams even when all seems hopeless, and that they should stick with their dreams no matter how impossible they are. This reminded me of my sister and I; we were always told by our parents that we should be scientists help save the world from its misery. But in reality, we both dream of being singers as a family group. We both know that we are not such brilliant singers nor do we have a good chance in succeeding in the musical carrer, but it never hurt to dream. And who knows? Maybe we will be truly happy only when our ‘Impossible Dream’ comes true, just life Don Quixote. Maybe this dream is out own version of Dulcinea. And we all know what the Bishop said in the play – “To each his Dulcinea, one shall believe in.”

So that’s it!! I hope everyone liked it :)