About Myself :)

Hey y’all :D

So, this is me. Like, typical, boring, common me. :P

My name is Haesoo Kim (I call myself Heather in English!) and I’m 15.

I am what you would call a typical, boring teenage girl and I use this blog as a extension of my literature class, but I will also update in the hopes that I will someday be this famous person that everyone will search for their pasts…. Yeah, I’m joking. :P

I love reading, photography, writing, and nature. And if this counts, I love listening to songs and singing them. Especially ones with meaning(for me, obviously…. but sometimes I just love songs. and singers. and musicians. and…. you can guess the rest)

I’m a fan of show tunes, but I also love contemporary music, as long as the singers can actually sing. Not that I’m in a position to judge!!

Keep tuned for more of my in-class updates!! XD


What do you think?

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