‘active now’ #1

This one is a little something I wrote on a whim, and then got slightly out of hand.
(Just in case – Don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned my other works yet. I’m just desperately trying to distract myself from finals)
A little bit of personal and secondhand experience (or maybe a lot) influenced the general inspiration. To be precise, I was inspired by social networking sites in which a lot of drama can occur!
This probably isn’t going to be too long – three, four parts, tops? Hope everyone enjoys it, though :)

“You cannot be serious.” Helen muttered, running her hair through her auburn locks, glaring at the monitor like it had personally offended her. On the screen, the tiny black script glowed unblinkingly up at her, seemingly mocking her while stating that the object of her affections had been ‘active 1m ago’.

“I wait around, idle and loitering around for who-knows-how-long-”

“Two hours and nineteen minutes to be precise-”

Helen shot a glare at Sharon, and the blonde curled into herself a bit a under the force of the glare.

“-and when I decide to take a brief break to, literally, go get myself a cookie, of course that’s when he decides to come online. Just perfect! Absolutely perfect!” Helen finished, dramatically throwing her arms up above her head as she plopped down on the bed next to Sharon.

“If it’s any condolence to you, you probably wouldn’t have been able to talk to him either way?” Sharon mused, turning a page on her book while absentmindedly patting her friend on the forehead. Helen shot another glare in response to that, but its effects were considerably less, the perpetrator’s face being half-buried in the pillows.

“I was going to say something today, you know.”

“And I also know you say that all the time.”

Helen hmmmph’ed at her friend, sitting up and crossing her arms across her chest. “Can you try not to be a smartass for, I don’t know, five minutes? Maybe?”

Sharon made a noncommittal noise of assent, her attention engrossed in the book. “I’m quite sure I’ll die from the resulting withdrawal symptoms. No use denying who I am.”

“I hate your face.”

“That’s all you can come up with?”

“Well, excuse you if I’m not exactly thinking properly!” And with that, she buried her head in the pillows again, mumbling unintelligible noises as Sharon read on in peace.

“You know, despite all the buzz about romance being wonderful and all, I still can’t help but think that I have the better end of the deal.” The blonde girl muttered, closing the book and idly toying with the black pair of rings on her fingers. “Just sounds like a giant load of unnecessary angst to me.”

“I don’t think I’m exactly the best example you should be basing your observations on.” The other grumbled, muffled by the pillows.

“And I suspect fourteenth-century teenagers in Italy aren’t that much better either.”

A sigh. “Don’t tell me you’re serious.”


Darren Black is active now

(“Sharon Sharon Shar he’s online! He’s finally online!”

“You say it like I’m interested?”)

Hey :)
sent 6:51 PM

heyyy ;) whats up?
sent 6:53 PM

(“He sent a winky face oh my god oh my god Shar what do I do?! Do you think he meant anything by it or-”

“I really don’t think you should read too much into it unless he starts writing sonnets for you.”

“Sonnets, seriously? That’s what I get for going to an aromantic for love advice.”

“Excuse you, I can be extremely Romantic if I choose to be. Both uppercase and lowercase Rs.”

“Oh really.”

“How do I love thee- let me count the ways-”

“Oh god, stop, you absolute nerd.”

“-I love you like the-”

“….I’m confiscating all of your Shakespeare sooner or later, just you wait.”

“It’s not Shakespeare, stupid.”)

Oh, nothing much. I just wanted to ask something about the project for World History?
sent 6:54 PM

what about it?
sent 6:55 PM

wait do u mean the project that isnt due for like another 3 weeks yet
sent 6:55 PM

the presentation thing
sent 6:56 PM

sent 6:56 PM

Um, yes?
sent 6:56 PM

(“Ten bucks to he’s thinking you’re a work-obsessed nerd.”

“I’m not betting anything against you. You’ll just distort the facts until they fit in.”

“….What about betting that he likes moderately cute, work-obsessed nerds?”


…and the question would be?
sent 6:59 PM

Well, Mrs. Johnson told us we could work in pairs, so I thought maybe you’d be interested in

I thought maybe we could work togeth

I was hoping you would work with

I heard you were an expert on Charlemagne god can you get any more attractive

(“You’re attracted to Charlemagne experts?”

“….Zip it, Shar.”)

….u still there?
sent 7:04 PM

Yes, uh, sorry, my connection is a bit faulty
sent 7:06 PM

(“Sharon, what in the name of all things holy are you thinking of?! Give that back!”

“Sit down and let me do the thing, before I really send something incriminating.”


I was wondering, since Mrs. J told us we could work in pairs, maybe you would be interested in working with me?
sent 7:07 PM

(“You’ll thank me later, when you two are married and making your wedding speeches and then you’ll realize how blessed my existence actually is.”

“Give that back!”

“Okay, okay, feisty pants! Stop hitting my arm!”)

sent 7:09 PM

sent 7:09 PM

I’m sorry that was my friend playing a prank on me it’s just a joke don’t take it

like i said i hadnt rly thought about that project what with three weeks being left & all that
sent 7:10 PM

and i dont rly know u that well?? im sry about that
sent 7:10 PM

Um sorry about that that was just my friend playing with my phone – I appreciate the apology but the offer wasn’t re

but i guess ill get to know u better while we work on it? fine by me i guess :)
sent 7:11 PM



“You alright there?”

“He- he- oh my god he-”

“…The dude broke you for good, didn’t he.”

“I honestly can’t- oh god Shar, pinch me. I must be dreaming- ouch!”

“You asked for it. Literally.”)

I’ll see you at school tomorrow then?
sent 7:15 PM

You know, to plan things out.
sent 7:16 PM

And possibly get to know each other better

sure ;)
sent 7:17 PM


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