Book Review: V for Vendetta (about the genre)

A good friend of mine sent me a copy of this book a couple of weeks ago, so I took the liberty of an empty house to rush through this book! I admit, I read through it really fast, so I probably missed a lot of important points and symbolism-ish things, so this is just mainly going to be a rant about how novel(no pun intended) the experience was. :)

I’ll probably do a reread and watch the movie as soon as I’m done with the final exams, and the more content-focused review will come then :) This one is also up on my goodreads account in case anyone wanted a visit. :D

Maybe this book is a bit too much for me to understand (some points I am still thinking through- But I’ll admit that I read this in a rush so I’ll need another read or ten to fully get through everything it tries to symbolize) but in terms of being ‘moved’ by a book and the macroscopic view it entails, this will have been one of the most important books that I have read.

As a graphic novel, a then-entirely-new genre when you’re trying to get a message across, I was amazed at how exactly the writers had managed to incorporate so much, and such unique techniques and content into a book. I remember my mother’s first reaction when she saw this book: “Oh, so you’ve gotten yourself a comic version of it? I don’t think that would be too wise, you know. Would the message stay intact?”

Disregarding the fact that she didn’t know about this particular book being a graphic novel in the first place – the rest of her remark is exactly what people assume when they reach such a book. ‘It’s a comic book, must be light reading, don’t you think?’ But as my reading of ‘Le Transperceneige’ and this book has evidenced : no, definitely not.

(Although I have to admit, my reading was pretty rushed – better start again as soon as I’m done with finals)

As a person who thinks imagery and the ability to draw your own picture is what makes books so much better a medium of expression than movies(when transferring a story or plot, that is. I do realize that opinions do vary) treating the readers with a fixed (but not really fixed) imagery of the plot points makes the expression of the story reach a middle ground and create an entirely new experience than what otherwise would have been mine. I’m not a literary expert nor an art expert, but that was what I felt and thought throughout reading this.

Due to the fact that I am yet to entirely grasp the content and the symbolism of the entire book, this review was mainly a rant about the medium of expression the book took(never minding the fact that I know next to nothing about THAT either) but for anyone who wants to read it: A must-read. Highly recommended. A++.

P.S. Shoutout to my friend who rec’ed the book to me and was kind enough to send me a copy via post! As always, you receive my eternal love and gratitude :)


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