Writeworld promt #1: Short Story

I wrote this on tumblr, from an image prompt by the writeworld tumblr blog!

This is just a snippet, but I might continue :) image source can be found here

Evening stroll by Miles-Johnston

Lorelei stared into the distance, the wind picking up her yellow overcoat as it danced through the air. Bursts of lights flashed across her features as she stared ahead, eyes steely, into the distance. She was lost in the view when she felt a soft nudge at her ankle.

“You sure you can manage on you own?”

The little blue critter at her feet, Leal, whispered softly, his own eyes also entranced with the view upon them.

Lorelei flashed a crooked smile upon her partner-in-crime, and quickly reverted her eyes back to face the front. A burst of blood orange, almost red, diffused into the sky, and all the others, equally colorful as the sight before them, ‘ooh’ed in quick succession.

This was not the first time that this had happened in their eyes; nor would it possibly be the last. However, the beauty never ceased to be so compelling.

“I think I could handle my own, at least for now.”

She murmured softly, wiping away all traces of regret from her mind. It had already happened; there was no use trying to deny it anymore. Regret would eat at her heart, would keep her from the great things she had planned for herself in place of Destiny. No use mulling over anything – the deed is irreversible.

“I know you are perfectly capable, but we all just worry, you’ve just taken a big step, after all.”

Treowe, a turquoise and rather long critter chimed in, the others nodding after him.

Lorelei smiled. “It’s funny that you worry about me now- I mean, I’ve just set my own entire village up in technicolor flames, what could possibly stop me anymore?”

Leal cringed at that. “Well, if you put it that way-“

“I’ll be fine.” She insisted. “It was something I had to do, wasn’t it?”

The sight before them was starting to resemble a fireworks display now. Explosions of all shapes and colors went off between the buildings, completely destroying any and all evidence that could suggest that it was once inhabited. A particularly gorgeous building went down, and Lorelei found herself absentmindedly mourning the loss of all the effort that must have been put in to make those now-crumbling stone walls.

“Just- know that we’re always here for you, okay?”

One last bang echoed through the plains, and everything went still. Every critters eyes flew back to the once-colorful display before them, now merely a wide, inexplicable patch of black in the meadow.

Lorelei adjusted her backpack and lifted her umbrella up high. It was time to go.


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