“Life is a lot like Jazz…

“Life is a lot like Jazz. It is best when you improvise.”

-George Gershwin


I am still yet …

I am still yet to get how to do this thing…..

Like, the site navigation and stuff is a tad confusing for me :(

I need a help page!!!

How I got my name :)

I received my name, Haesoo Kim, from my sister. (Her name is Hae-eun)

She is almost 5 years older than me, so she was 4-something when I was born.

Well, a lot of our relatives have a name that starts with ‘Hae’ which means ‘Sea’.

And my sister had learned the word ‘Haesoo’, meaning ‘Seawater’ recently.

So she suggested that to my mother, keeping that word in mind.

But my mother ended up changing it to a different ‘Soo’ because she thought it was inappropriate for a name.

So the final version that I ended up with was ‘Haesoo’ with a ‘Soo’ that meant ‘Excellence’.

That sums up to something like ‘The Excellent Sea’….. :/

Personally, I would have liked ‘Seawater’ better, mainly since I get light jokes about it all the time and I think that it would have been cool if I could really live up to the teasing. :)

And THAT is how I got my name :)